Nina Divall

Nina Divall

Hollistic therapist

£60 p/h

Gut Health Nutrition Therapist. Helping Women improve their Gut Health and reduce Inflammation in the body to give them more energy and help them feel healthier and happier.
I take a holistic approach to health. Looking at an individual as a whole allows me to understand more about what is going on underneath the surface and not just on the one health concern an individual may have and has come to me originally with. It is very rarely just about one thing.
We are all individual, there is no one size fits all approach to improving our health. Getting to the root cause of a health problem is the key to unlocking improvements in both your physical and mental health.
Focusing on small changes and add ins to diet and lifestyle can have a huge benefit to your overall health.
I am also a qualified Indian Head Massage practitioner. I offer this treatment to clients as a separate offering or within my 1:1 programme.

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